Do you want to see The MAN-UP Movement impacting your area?  Do you want to help The MOVEMENT Spread throughout your area?  Do you want to support an organization that is actively fulfilling it’s call to restore the family by Building men up to MAN-UP to who they were designed to be and destined to do?  

If so, then……………..





Come let “US” rebuild the Wall!

When we say “US” we mean it, you can put your tool belt on, hold your weapon in one hand and your tool in the other and go to work rebuilding your portion of the wall through partnership. Every bit counts, from prayers to supplies, to man-power and provisions, it’s all for the purpose of rebuilding the wall; a precious commodity of the family, our men!
Partner with our ministry and help us retool the family through Building men up to MAN-UP to who they were designed to be and destined to do. When you re-engage the hearts of men, you help them re-capture their livelihoods, families, communities, churches and cultures for Christ. Here are some examples of the impact of MANHOOD or lack thereof:


The social problems we face are not of crime, education, poverty and/or hopelessness, the issue is MANHOOD and The MAN-UP Movement is here to tackle that issue by re-tooling and equipping men to MAN-UP to the call of God on their lives.


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Donate online or send your donations to:

The MAN-UP Movement, 661 E. Exchange St., Akron, OH 44306