Programs / Services

How will the MAN-UP Movement fulfill its Mission & Vision?

            We’re not just asking guys to MAN-UP, we’re equipping and tooling them to MAN-UP!

Tools move you from “GOOD” intentions to “GOOD” execution.



Our training module; a mentorship program for boys, teens, college students and adult males, designed to not only teach, train, equip and empower MANHOOD in boys-to-men but model it through hands-on, intense, partnering mentors through MAN-UP’s Leadership & Methodology.


D4D & D4D2

Direction 4 Destiny and Direction 4 Destiny2 is a curriculum designed to help men and women acknowledge, identify and understand their purpose and design for life, in an effort to help them get on the path that leads them to the destiny that God pre-ordained for them. In our society, the notion of attaining DESTINY is more Taboo than a reality, this is only due to the separation of fellowship and relationship with Father God, who most acknowledge as the creator of all but rarely believe that He would know anything about who we are and what specific operation we are for. The curriculum’s purpose is to help men and women understand their spiritual, physical, and mental make-up or DESIGN, to inspire a DESIRE to transform into that DESIGN, help them make necessary DECISIONS that lead them into that DESIGN, correct DISCIPLINES to help them gauge and understand where they’re falling short of that DESIGN, and a DELITHFUL spirit/attitude as they pursue transformation into that DESIGN in order to help them attain DIRECTION 4 their DESTINY!



Our Fatherhood programs for dads, step-dads, grand-dads, dads-to-be and men that desire-to-be fathers.  It’s designed to equip and encourage men to be more responsible, committed and engaged Fathers to their children.



Power Protection Over Paralyzing Pleasures – A workshop/seminar designed to empower you with tools to protect you against lustful pleasures and sexual sin that could paralyze your purpose!



Building partnership through fellowship, and fellowship through relationship.  MAN-STUDY is a weekly gathering of men who come together over a cup of coffee to pray and study the Word together; sharing and encouraging men to step into a deeper relationship with Christ.



A seminar/workshop designed to encourage, educate, and enlighten the masses on the significance and definition of MANHOOD, and how to live it out every day.  The focus is helping society, specifically men, understand the Impact of manhood on the family, community, church, culture and world; this is our weekly presentation.


The mission of the Friday Freeze is to infect the community with the love of Christ, through relationships, and encourage them to connect with the local church to continue their spiritual, social, economic and relational growth.  The vision is to retake and stand in the community as pillars, who build relationships, through love and support, to engage the community into the local church.  This project will serve children, men and women of Akron, Ohio’s 4th Ward and establish relationships with them throughout each Friday Freeze of the summer by providing popsicles, water, food and school supplies for the children going back to school in the fall.  The goal is to plug these people into a network of support that will help them grow in every facet of their lives.  The MAN-UP Movement will plug them into services from the community and the ministry to help them continue development into stronger families.


It’s not just a community garden, but an oasis in the middle of the community. This garden is a place where you can go and garden your latest crops, sit and read a book or observe the birds under the tree of life in the middle of the garden.  It’s a place to connect with neighbors, friends, and family.  This project gives us the opportunity to bring brightness into the neighborhood.  Utilizing the garden portion helps us touch the community with an impact of love, care, concern, and empowerment. In essence, we are helping to refuel and retool the spirit of community in a culture that has had to look out for itself.



The mission of the Selah Retreat is to provide men with equipping tools, seminars and workshops to help educate and encourage them to be better and stronger assets to society (better men; husbands, fathers, brothers), all while providing them with a scenery of the outdoors to re-ignite their adventure passions and inspire them to think outside the box, encourage and be encouraged by the camaraderie of other men.  Men from the ages of 13 – 65+ are targeted to help reach a wide range of men in different phases of their lives.  The desire is for men to leave the retreat with a renewed perspective of their role as a man in society today (family, church, community, business, culture) and measure how great the impact would be as they re-engage.  Men will be plugged into follow-up groups to discuss their journey’s since retreat and to engage in continued education (follow-up groups will be held in person, conference call and electronic media).